US Club Soccer

Sideline Sports Doc Training Verification Form



This form is used to verify completion of Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) training for US Club Soccer staff registration purposes.

This form is only applicable to individuals who:

Please do not submit this form if you completed SSD training directly via SportsEngine. That is, you accessed SSD training from either 1)  the link in the automated outstanding eligibility requirements email you received from SportsEngine, or 2) within your SportsEngine User Profile, after a US Club Soccer staff membership was purchased on your behalf. In that case, your membership eligibility requirement for SSD should automatically show as complete within the National Registration System (NRS). If it doesn't, then please complete this form.

Once this form is submitted, US Club Soccer administrators will manually review the upload and subsequently mark the SSD membership eligibility requirement complete (as long as the staff membership/registration has been purchased) or reply if there is an issue.


  • For 2020-21 Governing Season eligibility, SSD training must be completed on or after June 1, 2019. Click here for more information.